Manufacturing hub of Finland

Welcome to Tampere
Tampere is a modern, fast-growing city with vivid and forward-thinking industrial heritage. We have turned on the first electric bulb in the Nordics (1882)! And forward-thinking keeps on rocking. There is a strong startup community and open-minded manufacturers in the area with whom we have enjoyed working with, and clients from all over Finland.
“frog Tampere is specially seasoned in complex industrial solutions but worked in many other domains as well. Our team is exceptionally experienced. No challenge too small or too large, we can solve it!”
Mika Käki, Program Director
“I’m excited about the variety of our programs. We have created designs for above ground, on ground, underground and seas that ease the work, save lives, give joy and meaning.”
Tero Urvanta, Lead Designer
Fun Facts
1139 m
The deepest point where we have conducted design research underground. Luckily that was a ready-made mine, so we didn’t need to dig our way in.
CSI Miami
The most visible forum where our design has appeared in. And it was an industrial appliance. Boy, was that awesome or what?!
Of our designers have a metal welding rig at home. We are passioned about crafting!
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