Bring game-changing products and services to market

Delivering exceptional experiences your customers will love
Our frog Studio in Malmö welcomes audacious organizations eager to bring game-changing products, services and experiences to market.

Contact frog Malmö to:

  • Better understand your customers
  • Avoid the pitfalls of product development
  • Move rapidly from idea to design
  • Bring game-changing products to market
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX)
“I love the variation of the projects we have here at the studio. It pushes us to stay curious and to look for solutions in new areas. You learn a lot about people, technologies and society as a whole this way.”
Jacob Elander, Senior Industrial Designer
“We're included in the process the whole way — from early sketches through the iterations of concepts, to further discussions with the suppliers and, in the end, the delivery to the customer. A rewarding journey!"
Emil Jönsson, Senior Mechanical Engineer
We Work Across All Sectors
Transforming Healthcare for People
We deliver medical devices and digital health solutions that result in better patient experiences and long-term retention.
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Designing Seamless User Experiences
We leverage usability and design research to help companies build and maintain trust with their users.
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Realizing New Products with Cutting-Edge Technology
We guide our clients through product development, drawing on our knowledge from diverse sectors and industries to find the right solution.
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