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Welcome to Stavanger
Our studio is a creative oasis in the midst of Stavanger’s industrial district, where 20 percent of Norway’s economic growth is happening. Our pond is the home of designers working with local, national and international clients from the public sector, startups and the energy transformation industry.
“The most valuable thing we have as a Studio is our people—smiling collogues, really passionate about their craft, bringing out the best in one another.”
Karianne Lauritzen, Lead UX Designer
"I am deeply invested in what role sketching and creative problem solving have in Service Design. Sketches make thoughts tangible, so that everyone can see and understand them."
Harald Eliassen, Service Designer
“I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of design the most. I love being able to improve life for people, be it through big transformation or simplification, but always focusing on wellbeing.”
Eivind Blomfeldt Thorsen, Interaction Designer
Fun Facts
At the Forefront of Energy Transformation
We work with major players in the oil and gas industry, challenging and supporting their ambitions of becoming planet-centric.
200 Books Per Year
We’re deeply invested in developing design as a craft and discipline, reading and discussing everything we can get our hands on.
Food Buffs
Stavanger is the host of the biggest food festival in the Nordics each year. When we're not working out on wild expeditions, we're refueling our reserves.
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