Sparkling talent in a bright city

Impact your business through culture transformation
A ferociously enthusiastic and creative group, our Toulouse frogs have a spirited approach when it comes to the worlds of design, innovation, industry and ventures. We team up with brave organizations ready to break silos down and inject innovation into new services, products, ways of working and co-creation spaces.
"Our iterative methods have blooming effects on organizations who are used to long-term programs. Even small levers lead to game-changing actions."
Obay Al-Tarabichi, Strategist
"We’ve proven over and over how rigorous user research is fundamental to creating great experiences that delight users and meet their needs."
Cynthia Cormenier, Experience Designer
"We're in the business of activating innovative and creative mindset, leading to transformed and rejuvenated organizations."
Marjorie Lefort, Associate Strategy Director, Org Design
We Work Across All Sectors
3 indomitable Toulousains
The rest of the team is from all over France and beyond.
100% chocolatine-lovers
Pain-au-chocolat addicts: we love you guys, but in Toulouse we’re all about chocolatine.
60% women
Gender equality is not just an idea. Gender equality, by nature.
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