Our passion: creating better experiences, with and for people

Unleash growth in a sustainable and digital world
A ferociously enthusiastic and creative group, our Toulouse frogs have a spirited approach when it comes to the worlds of design, innovation, industry and ventures. We deliver superior experience and inject innovation into new services, products, ways of working and co-creation spaces.
"We have the keys to design and implement with our clients their continuous business reinvention path, for positive impacts for people, planet and teams."
Pierre Dubié, Studio Head and Senior Director, Strategy & Innovation
"For us, discovering new sustainable business territories is a both a strategic and creative process when it comes to real actionable leads and ventures."
Valérie Sauterey, Senior Consultant, Strategist Innovation
"Creativity is the fuel of collective intelligence. It belongs to all of us. Facilitation unleashes people’s talents to create solutions we know we can achieve."
Thomas Pénide, Senior Consultant, Innovation
We Work Across All Sectors
3 Indomitable Toulousains
The rest of the team is from all over France and beyond.
100% Chocolatine-lovers
Pain-au-chocolat addicts: we love you guys, but in Toulouse we’re all about chocolatine.
60% women
Gender equality is not just an idea. Gender equality, by nature and by representation.
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