The harbor of creation

Welcome to Gothenburg
Located on the front side (west coast) of Sweden is the frog Gothenburg Studio. Here you'll find frogs accustomed to wind and rain, but also with great humor and a broad, friendly dialect.
“What I love about frog Gothenburg is our people and culture! I enjoy being around a bunch of warm, smart and talented frogs who always put me in a good mood and whom I learn from every day.”
Josefin Pettersson, UX Designer
“What I’m excited about frog is that we have the creative and business minds to create real things; strategies that become sustainable business, concepts that scale, user needs that are met."
David Lindskog, Director – Customer Transformation
“One of the great things about frog is the community, where we collaborate across studios, countries and competencies while also having a lot of fun together!"
Emma Wallin, UX Designer
Fun Facts
Celebrating 400 years
Gothenburg was founded in 1621, originally as a Dutch trading city, and will celebrate 400 years as a city in 2023 (two years late due to Covid-19).
A friendly dialect
Many people know that the dialect spoken in Gothenburg is experienced as very friendly. But a public survey some years back also identified it as the sexiest dialect in Sweden.
Youth football
Every summer the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament—Gothia Cup—takes place in Gothenburg. Around 1700 teams from 80 nations take part and play 4500 matches on 110 pitches.
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