Sea, tech and sun!

Welcome to Montpellier
Montpellier is a dynamic, sporty and artistic city where you can find our frogs hiking in the scrubland, tasting wine from the Pic Saint Loup, enjoying the seaside or even practicing BMX!
“It’s very exciting to be surrounded by experts sharing the same passion. It motivates me to surpass myself every single day.”
Kamal Faraj, Software Engineering Manager
"Combining the creativity and innovation of technology and design makes it possible to bring the most revolutionary ideas to life.”
Clément Billiot, Engineering Director
Fun Facts
6km from the beach
Our studio is a stone’s throw from the sea, allowing us to easily seek inspiration by contemplating the waves from the top of a dune.
A 3D printer, one Oculus and 12 nerfs
Everything you need to mix creativity, technology and fun!
The heart of the Mediterranean Arc
We're ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technologies and methodologies—and our location places us within easy reach of the Southern France’s most forward-thinking clients.
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