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Welcome to Barcelona
One of the most vibrant cities in Spain, which combines multiculturalism, a rich artsy heritage, Modernist architecture and sunny warm weather in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Join us in the heart of Barcelona to enjoy our lifestyle!
"Design is communication. As in writing, the beauty of the lexicon is important, but the content of the message and the communication with the reader are the basis for creating a true work of art.”
Gloria Fernández, Product Designer
Fun Facts
A Melting Pot of Latin Cultures
Our different cultures and geographies feed our own common language. We call it “Catañol”: a mix of Catalan, Castellano, Colombian, Mexican, Argentinian…all together!
Creativity In & Out of the Studio
One step out of the studio is one step into a hip and trendy area, part of the Innovation District. It’s walking distance from the Design Hub and an exciting gastronomic scene, all this a couple of blocks away from the waterfront.
Social & Environmental Awareness
A team of social-driven frogs, who care about the environment, diversity, equality and inclusivity, animal welfare—and how our impact in the society can shape a better future.
Open Roles in Barcelona
Customer Transformation
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