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Welcome to Oslo
Our studio is located in Oslo’s old industrial area of Skøyen, just a few minutes from the the city center and the royal castle. On the top floor of a refurbished old Bakelite factory, our rooftop garden and po-mo glass tower give us a 360-degree view of what moves in the capital of Norway.
Fun Facts
10 Nationalities
In addition to our 17 native Norwegians, we are also home to frogs from 10 nationalities worldwide.
A Dog-Friendly Studio
Our glass walls are coated with cultured milk, in patterns that make the glass opaque without using chemicals. Our many studio dogs love how this sustainable way of dividing our workspace also works as a snout-height treat.
Rooftop Gardeners
We have our own rooftop garden where we grow herbs and veggies for our Friday breakfasts together. Sometimes Oslo’s seagulls decide to nest there.
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