frog Innovation Team

Breakthrough innovation for the Connected World

Meet the frog Innovation Team
The frog Innovation Team is a specialized team of global talents with deep multidisciplinary expertise in product and service innovation, spanning the physical and digital domains.

The team work seamlessly across research, strategy, design and engineering to drive end-to-end breakthroughs sustainable by design, with industry leading capabilities in sectors including consumer products, life sciences, telecommunications, energy and financial services.
“Our team continually strives to create meaningful connections between people and technology, across digital and physical opportunities.”
Marios Logaras, Senior Software Architect
“My passion is to challenge the healthcare paradigm today. Bridging form, function and emotions though great design, we can advance the quality of life.”
Maria Persson, Human Factors Lead
“We operate with a unique combination of talents, fusing science and craft, to deliver exceptional products and services, that unlock new value for business and humanity.”
Chiara Diana, Head of frog Innovation Team
Fun Facts
Hundreds of prototypes
Being 3D printed, or virtually simulated, lo-fi cardboard, rough digital screens or mock-up animations we simulate and iterate to inspire lateral thinking, explore new paths, test our hypotheses and derisk the path to breakthroughs.
12+ Nationalities
As a catalyst for diversity and a hub for experimentation, we welcome global talents, to join us in an open environment, promoting curiosity, cross-fertilization and collaboration.
10+ Happy tadpoles
More than ten babies were born from our happy parents in the last few years, inspiring us with unconventional perspectives and making us even more conscious about the future we design for.
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