A passionate group of dreamers and makers

Welcome to London
frog is thrilled to call Shoreditch, London’s coolest neighbourhood, our home. It’s a living, evolving neighbourhood full of museums, street art, street food, markets and cosy pubs. Our office is nestled in Old Street, where we help build experiences, products and businesses that disrupt the status quo, win hearts and create the future.
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“We surface the voices and needs of people in everything we do, so we can make technology work for us. We design to create emotional connections, meaningful experiences and to positively impact our future planet and society.”
Jen Williams, Head of Design
“As Head of frog UK, it’s my job to make sure we innovate and push the boundaries when collaborating with brands to create inspiring customer experiences that deliver great business results.”
Gagandeep Gadri, Managing Director of frog and Head of frog UK
“Designing and creating future customer experiences with our clients is incredible, and to do so with such a diverse and passionate group of people makes it even more exciting and fulfilling.”
Christopher Baird, Head of Transformation Enablement and Elevated Loyalty
Fun Facts
World on Our Doorstep
We’re surrounded by some of the best food from around the world—and we make sure to sample all the fare at any opportunity.
Ready for Rain
It may be rainy most days of the year, but we make up for it with a rich, vibrant studio culture.
The studio consists of folks from around the globe, each bringing a unique and valued perspective to both our client work and studio culture.
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