Crafting Experiences in India’s Millenium City

Welcome to Delhi
Working from the heart of India's national capital, our frog Delhi studio thrives with the vibrant energy of diverse talents and cultures. Fuelled by creativity and inspired by India’s rich heritage, we envision, experiment and create unforgettable experiences which go beyond business solutions.
“frog is one of the oldest design companies in the world, yet it remains youthful, agile and open in its core, culture and approach.”
Siddhartha Sen Choudhary, Design Director
“We don't just analyze data, we understand emotions. By fusing data science with human empathy, we create experiences that resonate on a deeper level.”
Praful Bhatnagar, Lead Data, AI and Technology
Fun Facts
A Team of Many Hats
From ceramics to textiles, motion graphics to data analysis, engineering to marketing—we draw on expertise from many fields.
Don’t be surprised to hear us switch between languages with as much ease as we switch between the studio and a brew pub.
Fuelled by Chai
Food binds us together, as do chai breaks—there’s no problem that a brainstorming session over chai and samosa can’t solve.
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