Create brand experiences for future businesses. Innovate engagement strategies.

Welcome to Milan
Our frog Milan studio brings together a significant number of professionals including creatives, designers, analysts, data specialists and business strategists providing a strategic offering aimed at the figures responsible for corporate strategies executives, particularly to Chief Marketing Officers (CMO).

Get in touch with frog Milan to:

  • Enhance brands by aligning commercial positioning, purpose and user experience
  • Design distinctive experiences and innovative ways of interacting with consumers
  • Enable organizations with customer-focused management of marketing activities
  • Nurture customer relationships with content, data and technology
    “Our goal is to cultivate engagement through insightful content that speaks to customer needs and anticipating trends to guide strategic planning.”
    Marica Magistro, Digital Intelligence Manager, frog Milan
    “We design superior experiences focusing on signature moments that will make our services and products memorable, creating an emotional connection with the end user.”
    Sara Stangalini, Executive Experience Director, frog Milan
    We Work Across All Sectors
    Increasing a data-driven approach
    We put the data first, helping companies bring digital innovation to all sectors. We support companies in building and maintaining trust with customers to involve them at every stage of the purchasing process.
    Using the power of creativity
    We help companies make the most of creativity to consolidate their brands and conceive future-proof strategies.
    The challenges of innovation
    We support companies in understanding their users, disrupting assumptions and redefining problems to devise innovative solutions through Design Thinking.
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