Where dynamism meets rich history

Push boundaries and untangle complex design challenges
Lyon is home to the biotech sector and a thriving startup ecosystem. When they aren’t tackling design and strategy challenges, you can find our frogs skiing, cruising along the riverbank, or visiting the wide range of art galleries and museums dotting the city.
“What I find exciting is the collaborative approach we take on all our projects. Whether working with local or international clients, our goal is always to design positive change, together.”
Olivier Llouquet, Design Director
"I love the work we do. Our partnerships enable more people to become researchers and co-create solutions that bring impactful outcomes.”
Vanessa Larue, Design Researcher
“Working at frog, we get to take part in innovative projects that are supported by the will to design for and with users to build a path towards a better future.”
Charlotte Jacquot, Experience Designer
We Work Across All Sectors
UNESCO World Heritage Status
0% of the city of Lyon was listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1998. The area encompasses four districts, 162 buildings, 60,000 residents and spans 2000 years of history.
33 Wheels
We love moving. Collectively our studio racks up a total of 12 bikes, two motorcycles, a tandem bike, a skateboard and a monowheel—which amounts to 33 wheels, eight helmets and one sprained ankle.
2400 Meters Up
That’s approximately where our highest elevation frog lives: right in the middle of French Alps! We live in the perfect spot for sports—whether it is skiing, hiking, cycling or eating cheesy delicacies.
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