Where tradition meets innovation

Welcome to Copenhagen
In the harbor city of Copenhagen, with art and design in every corner, creativity and innovation is fostered each day.
"I am happy to be part of a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, where our work is driven by curiosity and new ideas, and where having fun is essential to our success!"
Emma Blankwater, Management Consultant
“It excites me to be part of a team where creativity, co-creation and engagement is in the heart of everything we do—both when working with our clients but also internally.”
Camilla Lindskou, Senior Consultant
Fun Facts
One of the Happiest Places on Earth
If you want a happy boost, Copenhagen is the place to be. The city is top ranked in happiness reports and has been for years.
The City of Biking
To explore Copenhagen like a local, be sure to grab yourself a bicycle. In the city there are five times more bikes than cars and 6/10 of the locals bike to work.
The Design Hub of Scandinavia
Known for its cutting-edge design, Copenhagen hosts a design week each year, attracting designers and creative thinkers from all around the globe.
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