Welcome to the city of lights!

Bring Bold Ideas to Life
With such a vibrant city, who would be surprised to know that frogs need three different bases to make their best work?
“What I love about frog is the multitude of personalities and backgrounds that we see at the office every day—the coming together of these differences make us collectively better and stronger.”
Léa Pasqualotti, Behavorial and UX Design Lead
“What I like about design is that itgenerates meaning from chaos. It isall about making the right connections.”
Armand Teychene, Innovation and Design - Director
“I believe that hybridization will bring out the best of us and allow us to tackle tomorrow social and environmental stakes.”
Xavier de la Casa, Associate Director Product Development
“I am happy to grow within hybrid teams. Working with this combination of expertise makes me even more curious, open-minded, and convinced that it is key to make ideas a reality.”
Estelle Duchesne, Consultante
We Work Across All Sectors
The French Art-de-vivre
There's a good chance you'll find French pastries in the kitchen in the morning—from neighboring bakeries, or even better, from one of our colleagues’ oven!
Equality. More Than a Word
With women making up 53% of our wonderful team, we’re proud of the balance we’ve achieved.
Workout, Anyone?
Coming into the studio is an opportunity for a mental and a physical workout, thanks to our dedicated gym room.
Our studios in Paris
Steps aways from the most beautiful avenue in the world, the “Camba” studio is a microcosm with all areas of frog expertise represented: tech, data, brand, design, consulting, innovation and beyond.
Tucked away in one of the most trendy and upcoming neighborhood, the Bouchardon studio hosts the frog team dedicated to Sustainable Innovation.
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The brand new Capgemini’s headquarters building overlooking the Seine might look impressive from afar. But follow the frog signage and you'll find us on the 4th floor, buzzing and ideating!
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