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Life in the pond


The pond is an eclectic place, full of frogs with varied interests, skills and expertise. Together, we are striving to shape a regenerative future that is both sustainable and inclusive for people and planet. Since joining Capgemini Invent, frog has grown to a team of over 2000 designers, technologists, data scientists, consultants and digital strategists, and has expanded its global footprint to 70+ design and innovation studios and offices. We draw on frog’s more than five decades of human-centered design expertise, backed by the power of Capgemini Invent to drive sustainable growth, orchestrate experiences at scale, and harness the power of data and technology.

Career growth

There’s plenty of room to grow in the pond. Our global network of studios and portfolio of clients across industries ensures that every frog has the opportunity to hone their skills and build new ones through collaboration and iteration. Our commitment to hiring hybrid talents ensures that frogs learn from each other and provides opportunities for growth as new challenges emerge. From equitable, competitive salaries to comprehensive benefits, employment with frog enables sustained professional and personal growth.


frogs prize humor and good spirit just as highly as performance and outcomes. Community events in each of our global studios are informed by the local culture and history as well as the passions of its frogs. frogFun could be anything from weekly coffee socials to catered meals, studio crits to design events, concept jams to team excursions. Wherever they are, frogs know that how well you live is as important as how hard you work, and that having fun is at the heart of our community.

Internship Program

During our immersive internship programs, interns have the opportunity to contribute and collaborate with project teams, build valuable industry connections and learn new skills from across disciplines. Through close and meaningful work with frogs, our interns gain deep insight into the work we do. Our goal is not only to influence interns beyond their time at frog but to take inspiration from them to create a better, bolder and more curious frog.

Our Alumni Network

frogs know that there are few workplaces in the world like the pond, and few workers as talented and thoughtful as other frogs. That means our global network of frogs and frog alumni offers our employees opportunities for partnership, mentorship, collaboration and connection during and beyond their time in the pond. Whether we were here at the beginning or taking our first steps into the pond, we are frogs for life.

Our Benefits

While specific options vary based on region, our philosophy around benefits is all about providing competitive and equitable pay, and taking care of yourself, your health, your family and your future—all while having fun! This includes competitive PTO, healthcare, parental leave, and retirement options, as well as other incentives for wellness and transit. We also value our culture and community, along with individual work/life balance. Each local studio has its own unique version of frogFun.


Our philosophy around benefits is all about providing competitive and equitable pay, and taking care of yourself, your health, your family and your future—all while having fun! Across our studios,  we have exciting benefits packages to offer, including competitive PTO, healthcare, parental leave and retirement options among others. Your local frog talent acquisition partner will be able to share more details on what’s available for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the pond, which is now backed by the full power of Capgemini Invent. This enables us to work with an even larger, more diverse group of innovators, disruptors and change makers.

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