We re-invent businesses, drive growth and orchestrate customer-centric transformation

Welcome to Utrecht
Drive bold ideas regeneratively. Our frog studio in the Netherlands welcomes brave organizations eager to explore cutting-edge solutions for the next economy

Contact frog Netherlands to:

  • Build sustainable services
  • Deliver memorable customer experience
  • Uncover new value propositions
  • Drive regenerative growth

“The ambitious, entrepreneurial and innovative mindset of my colleagues is what gives me energy every day.”
Luuk Kuijpers, Senior Consultant, Growth Strategy
“I’m proud to work alongside passionate people that want to challenge the what is to imagine the what will be.”
Vinodha Suresh, Strategy Consultant, Customer Transformation
“I came to frog for the quality, I am staying for the culture. My everyday motivation comes from the talent, passion and generosity of the frogs I work with.”
Lea Lemaire, Senior Interaction Designer
Fun facts
Diverse by definition
40% of our multinational and multidisciplinary team are women.
Planting the right seeds
Shaping a regenerative future that is sustainable and inclusive for businesses, people and planet is our ambition.
Challenge the industry
Designing and building customer-focused organizations and brands, processes and platforms for the future.
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