Fast-Forward, In The City Of Dreams

Welcome to Mumbai
frog Mumbai is located in Airoli area, among greenery, creeks and striking, modern high-rises. Just like our city, diversity is our strength. A motley crew of engineers, scientists, writers, designers and more, we challenge each other to bring out the best for our clients.
“frog Mumbai is brimming with talent and varied capabilities, with everyone coming together to create exceptional work and future-ready solutions. We live for the aha moment of the project.”
Farhan Shaikh, Head of frog Brand & Content, frog India
"Lights, Camera, Render! Stories have the power to change core beliefs and at frog Mumbai we are storytellers and motion design enthusiasts equipped to create impact where you need it."
Abhay Raja, Senior Manager
Vada pav lives in our hearts
Our very own burger, a spicy potato dumpling is sandwiched between buns and layered with chutney. Mumbai frogs eat this vegan delicacy any time of the day, as a meal or a snack. Drool.
Bollywood is bae
Mumbai is home to the Hindi film industry: fairy tale romances, elaborate weddings, family drama and let’s not forget the dance sequences—we love it all! You’ll likely find us humming Bollywood hits while we work.
Our Lifeline
Mumbai's local trains get over 7.5 million people where they're going, every single day—and is the transport mode of choice for the majority of our frogs. Rain, hail or sun, we are always on the move getting things done.
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