Consulting & Business Transformation

Design technologist

Job Description

As a Design Technologist, you’ll use the latest tools and techniques to take projects from idea to reality. You take a human-centred approach to development: finding relatable, new ways to use technology, helping others work within technical limits, and building user experiences that improve people’s lives.

Openness to new ideas, an eye for detail, and a desire to work with designers

2+ years of professional experience building responsive interfaces, working with different kinds of user events, manipulating UI elements, and applying animations/transitions

Primary skills

Worked on 1+ production applications using a major MVVM or MVC framework (React, Angular, React Native, Flutter, etc.) and working with data from an API

A solid grasp of programming fundamentals, like OOP, functions, asynchronous execution, and source control.

A willingness to travel for key collaboration sessions

Secondary Skills

  • Dev/DesignOps technologies (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Gitlab CI/CD, Design Tokens, Figma API)
  • Design Language Systems related technologies and workflows.
  • Experience with rapid prototyping and creating proof-of-concept demos
  • Knowledge of best practices in areas like accessibility and security
  • Built multiple kinds of frontend applications (i.e., web and mobile)
  • Full-stack skills, like coding for the cloud, writing API’s, or working with databases
  • Experience with complex scenarios, like e-commerce, internationalisation, or content management
  • Been part of an agile development team