Restoring the Promise of the Natural Internet

Orchid marketing website layout design, brand identity and strategy developed by frog
Defining brand guidelines for Orchid - typography rules
Orchid marketing website layout design
Orchid is a suite of open source tools and cryptographic protocols developed and run by people who want the internet to extend our natural human freedom, not curtail it. frog helped develop a brand strategy and identity to bring this highly technical and complex concept to life, allowing Orchid to become accessible and digestible to a global market of developers. Orchid is a frogVentures™ company that is funded by Tuesday Capital, a frogVentures™ partner.
Expressing the Natural Internet
frog helped bring Orchid’s platform to life by visualizing the brand and language. Through collaboration, we created an extensible design language system with an ecosystem of visual assets, which allows users to participate in Orchid’s open marketplace for bandwidth as freely and naturally as we coexist among nature.
Micro Brand Assets
The ecosystem of visual assets the team created included discrete illustrations that can be built in a myriad of ways to create dynamic new patterns and designs. By using micro brand assets that are highly malleable but stick within the rules, Orchid is able to continue expressing their brand throughout every interaction and touchpoint.
A Mark with a Meaning
The Orchid brand mark is a circular formation that takes inspiration from the emergent self-organizing behavior found in nature. People join the Orchid platform to freely contribute and connect, creating a harmonious system of mutual exchange. The brand mark illustrates this harmonious system with individual 'nodes' joining the platform, helping others to access the open internet.
Defining brand identity for Orchid - business card mockup
Orchid visual brand identity designed by frog
6 Weeks
We worked alongside the Orchid team to develop and visualize their brand and identity.
March 2019
Orchid launches their marketing website to the public.
December 2019
The network and protocol as an open-source platform launches.
frog continues to build on its partnership with Orchid as a supporter of the Orchid Network.
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