Brand Strategy, Design & Performance

Turn your brand into a powerful tool for meaningfully engaging customers and employees while maximizing performance.



Lead with design

Define a compelling brand identity that will rally internal teams and external audiences alike


Build on purpose

Go beyond lip service by building your brand around a core purpose that resonates with your people


Deliver value

Make sure every part of your brand delivers real value to your customers and employees

Brands built on data, technology and human-centred design

When it comes to designing and executing the kinds of powerhouse brands that touch hearts and move markets, data and analytics will only go so far. In order to get the most out of their brand, organizations must leverage human insights to define and deliver meaningful experiences to their customers and employees.

In the pursuit of agility, many brands end up jeopardizing their long-term strategic vision in favor of short-term tactical gains. By keeping brand experience and purpose at the heart of digital business transformation, brands can manage and deliver on consumer expectations in real time. With brand as the stable foundation for transformation, businesses can achieve rapid innovation and sustainable growth while maintaining the experience, expression and value customers expect.

“Your brand is more than your logo, the imagery or the color palette you use. Your brand is about expressing why your business exists; what purpose you fill and how your values and culture makes you different.”
Andreas Markdalen
Chief Creative Officer, frog

How we do it

frog brings the strategic and empathetic tools of human-centered design to the task of brand-building, helping to counterbalance the data-centric approach that drives brand and marketing execution in many of today’s digital businesses. But that doesn’t mean we don’t deliver on data and technology: with our combined tech, venture, ecommerce and analytics capabilities, we enable digital transformations and experiences that express the meaning, emotion and value behind our partners’ products and services while providing a launchpad for further innovation and growth.

We also help achieve internal alignment and activation to support transformation and innovation, giving businesses the confidence and agility to define and develop new products, services and brands that address consumer needs while maintaining the integrity of their core brand experience.

Our capabilities
We combine decades of brand and product experience across industries and around the world with current best practices in digital design and transformation to help our clients create brands that connect with customers and provide a stable platform for future growth.
Brand diagnostics
We fuse traditional data sources with digital footprints to create a rapid, repeatable and real-time view of brand perceptions and performance in the market.
Brand strategy
We determine the role of brand in achieving business ambitions and shaping experiences, setting long-term performance objectives and success metrics to determine what should be prioritized.
Brand definition
We help create alignment on essential brand elements, articulating the fundamental purpose, values and meaning of brands in terms of human needs and emotions.
Brand architecture
We identify the most efficient ways to credibly cover the spaces identified in clients’ portfolio strategy, advising on issues like naming, co-branding and brand migration.
Brand expression
We design holistic systems of expression and identity that help brands create emotional connections across channels and platforms.
Brand delivery
We create tools, models and strategies that support teams in delivering on their brand’s meaning and promise throughout the customer journey and across experiences.

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