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Launched on a Tuesday

frog + Tuesday Capital announce a unique new partnership to help high-growth startups.
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They say Tuesday is the most productive day of the week—which is why we chose it to officially launch the next phase of our startup practice, a collaboration with the aptly named Tuesday Capital. Gathering in our San Francisco studio alongside our community of co-investors, founders and clients that made it all possible, we celebrated the launch of frog and Tuesday Capital’s new partnership for high-growth startups. This new arrangement allows eligible startups and Tuesday’s current portfolio companies more direct access to frog’s global design expertise, helping them get to market faster and stronger.

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“Our partnership with Tuesday Capital will enable more startups than ever to benefit from our strategic design services, creating a unique opportunity for early-stage founders to have their teams work seamlessly with ours,” says Ethan Imboden, VP of Design and Global Head of Ventures at frog. frog and Tuesday began collaborating closely in 2016, and we began acting as a design partner to Tuesday’s portfolio of companies in 2018.

Patrick Gallagher, co-founder and managing partner of Tuesday Capital, understood how invaluable frog’s skillset could be for the growth of its portfolio and was excited to take the partnership to the next level. “I saw the incredible work [frog] did on TouchTunes, our video jukebox product, when I was on the board of that company more than 10 years ago. Then they helped us evolve our brand from CrunchFund to Tuesday Capital. Now with the new partnership, we’re going to have frog directly involved to source investment opportunities, and help our portfolio companies manage all of the complexities that come on the design side, from hardware or industrial design to UX and brand,” says Patrick.

We were thrilled to be joined by many of our founders, who over the last few years have continued to bring the passion and excitement that drives us all to do this great work.

“I’m excited about the partnership because it allows us to be a part of an ecosystem of really exciting young companies that are partnering with frog and Tuesday to grow our businesses and change the world,” says Jerry Callahan, founder and CEO of Heatworks, a frogVentures portfolio company.

“We had an amazing engagement with frog. They helped us define our branding—hell even our name, logo, everything back in 2015. And now that we’ve progressed to our series A funding, which Tuesday participated in, it’s really exciting to see them come together. We can’t wait to see what’s next!” says Eric Sanchez, founder and CEO of REVL, one of frog’s first venture investments.

When looking at the value that frog and Tuesday will now be able to bring to startups of all stages, Patrick stressed how important an ingredient design is in the success of these companies. “What I’ve seen in my 20 years in the business is the evolution of how important design is in all of these companies’ life cycles and their ability to go to market more quickly and resonate with customers. Integrating frog’s capabilities into our portfolio and our point of view on investments dramatically changes the landscape for us not only in making new investments but in helping our current companies leverage frog’s incredible skillset in design.”

“I’m excited to be able to bring together some of the founders and startups we’ve already had the chance to work with to let them tell their story to people who are interested in how they might work with Tuesday Capital and frog,” said Andrew Zimmerman, president of frog.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that made this launch possible, both on the frog and Tuesday teams, and can’t wait to get to work to make every day a Tuesday for a whole new host of game-changing startups.


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