Alto is redefining the ride-hailing industry by elevating the customer and driver experience. frog’s full-stack creative and technology teams supported Alto in designing and building the customer experience and supporting technology on an ambitious timeline. The collaboration leveraged frog’s expertise in design and development to create early momentum for Alto as it carves its space in a booming industry. The result is a differentiated digital venture that offers a uniquely elegant way to ride.
“We chose to work with frog because of their ability to bring our app and in-car experiences to life. From branding to app design and development, frog helped us create a differentiated and defensible product and customer experience and bring it to life quickly. Together, we went from concept to launch in only a few short months.”
Will Coleman, CEO, Alto
Driving the Standard
There is a high demand for ride-hailing services that move passengers from Point A to Point B. Yet the typical TNC (transportation networking company) business model creates inconsistency in the customer experience. Alto saw an opportunity to help customers feel assured, understood and in control at each part of their journey. Before and during each ride, passengers can set the vibe with custom playlists and choose the level of conversation with drivers to match their comfort—all from within the app.
An Elegant Digital Touch
Research identified what target consumers value most in a premium TNC service. From these principles the team built systems that serve customers' biggest unmet needs. For example, each Alto vehicle is outfitted with lighting that makes cars easier to find. Customers can control their in-vehicle ‘vibe’ directly from their app. Behind the scenes, telematics data streamlines fleet management and makes wait times more predictable.
Modern Brand Framework
frog and Alto collaborated to create a clear definition of purpose for the digital venture. This foundation enabled the team to reimagine the ride-hailing experience around the passenger. Everything about Alto is built on the mission of creating safe, inviting rides with a high level of service and deep attention to detail. The brand platform is scalable and flexible, designed to launch the startup locally and grow globally.
Rolling Out Alto
The initial 35-week collaboration involved many of frog’s core offerings, including brand strategy, product and service design, full-stack technology deployment, marketing support and even “place-making” in relation to the in-vehicle experience. From hailing a ride to paying fare, the frog and Alto team built frameworks to integrate technical features for the passenger and driver apps, as well as into the vehicles themselves. Across the service, each touchpoint has been considered for context, ease of use and brand alignment to create a consistent, seamless, end-to-end experience.
March 2018
Alto and frog kick off the project, beginning an 8-month process with frog’s full-stack creative team to transform an opportunity into a company.
October 2018
frog unveils the first Alto vehicle operated by live production Beta code at the Paris Motor Show, the most visited auto show in the world.
December 2018
Alto premieres in Dallas, TX, its first market as part of a larger multi-city growth strategy.
Today, Alto members can hail a ride in Dallas. In its first few weeks of service, Alto served hundreds of customers and is poised to expand its Dallas operations as well as enter several new cities in 2019. As part of the frogVentures™ portfolio, frog remains part owner and investor of Alto, and will continue to collaborate on upcoming launches.
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