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“frog’s venture design practice makes them a natural partner for us and our portfolio companies. Our collaboration not only brought us to a new brand that we love, but also to a better understanding of our value and role in Silicon Valley.”
Patrick Gallagher, Cofounder & Managing Partner, Tuesday Capital
As a part of an ongoing partnership, Tuesday Capital (formerly known as CrunchFund) enlisted frog for a rebrand to communicate their ethos and reflect their new ownership structure. frog worked closely with the team to position Tuesday Capital in the marketplace and design their identity and messaging, building on their long track record of successful investments in Silicon Valley.
Signaling a change
It was important that the new approach maintain a sense of continuity for institutional investors while also communicating a refreshed approach during this time of change. The challenge was to find a way to create a brand name and identity that leveraged the core values and strategy of the fund while signaling a reinvigorated team.
Celebrating the everyday
The inspiration for the name and identity came from the team’s “back-to-basics” approach to investing, drawing on the mid-century period that birthed modern branding and graphic design. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, and for this team, every day is Tuesday.
Partnering to startup
As Tuesday’s design partner, we collaborated, as we have with many other startups, to define and hone their vision into a crisp, concise brand language system that’s built to solidify their position in the market.
March 2014
frogVentures co-invests in Kidaptive, a CrunchFund portfolio company.
June 2017
frog and CrunchFund initiate an official partnership.
February 2018
frog begins rebranding engagement for CrunchFund, leading to the creation of Tuesday Capital.
As their design partner, we continue to develop the Tuesday Capital story and partner with early-stage startups on design and innovation.
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