Dispatch Goods

Creating a Brand to Take Down Single-use Takeout Containers

“I’m looking 6-12 months down the road to say...this small [strategy] activity helped us here and here. I wish we were doing this a month ago.”
Dispatch Goods
Creating a brand to take down single-use takeout containers.

We’ve all felt the guilt that comes with stacking a multitude of plastic takeout containers after ordering dinner in for the night. So in early 2020, frog jumped at the chance to work with Dispatch Goods, a startup trying to reduce waste by giving restaurant customers the option to order takeout in reusable containers. This values-based service fit their home market of San Francisco perfectly, but they needed a more compelling and trustworthy brand to convince customers of its safety and ease. As a pre-seed startup, they also had limited resources, so frog tailored a brandsprint to create an immediately-deployable brand expression. 

The frog team collaborated directly with the Dispatch Goods founders to clearly define the purpose, promise and values of their brand. Ultimately, they agreed that Dispatch Goods is all about providing a simple and delightful dining experience that results in measurable environmental impact.

To convey this playful yet purposeful brand promise, frog developed an energetic visual style featuring a mixed palette of muted complementary colors and an updated brand logo. The new stacked bowls logo reflects Dispatch Goods’s values by symbolizing reusability and evoking the experience of eating a delightful meal at home. frog also recommended a brand photography strategy that highlights the “velvet moment” experience of first seeing or tasting a delicious meal, and that spotlights the female-led Dispatch Goods team—a major brand differentiator in the sustainability sphere.

frog also helped incorporate these new visual elements into Dispatch Goods’s product design by updating their reusable aluminum containers with the brand’s new typography and logo, as well as providing plans for a branded Dispatch Goods insulated delivery bag. To provide a firm foundation for the company’s digital growth, frog designed representative desktop and mobile landing pages based on the new brand identity, as well as various iterations and combinations of the stacked bowls logo to be used as illustrations, backgrounds and banners for social media, email and the web.

After only a few short weeks, Dispatch Goods had deployed the new brand language and identity on their website, social media and delivery van. Just a few months after that, they had established their brand credibility enough to enter into a pilot with industry leader DoorDash.
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