BT (British Telecom)

Designing a Next Generation Experience

“The frog team came with deep experience and knowledge of the media and telco industry, helping us to delight our customers and take our successful pay-TV platform to the next level.”
Scott Room, Head of UX and Design, BT TV and Sport
frog worked with BT to completely redesign BT TV's ecosystem of products, transforming the experience, significantly increasing customer satisfaction ratings and winning numerous industry awards in the process.
Satisfying Strategy
Competition within the pay-TV segment in the UK is fierce. Along with a desire to create a world-class TV service, BT made a strategic decision to redesign its TV experience from the ground up, partnering with frog to create something spectacular. Together they would make the BT TV product experience as engaging as the programming itself.
A User-Centered Approach
Research indicated that BT TV engagement amongst customers was low. This led to increased dissatisfaction and a likelihood to turn away from the service. The fresh and inclusive redesign was conceived to appeal to users across BT TV’s base, helping to make interaction with VOD services as instinctive as using traditional TV channels. The result: a cohesive and intuitive experience across devices.
Net Promoters Soar
Following the relaunch of the BT TV service, measures of customer satisfaction improved dramatically. Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key customer loyalty metric, improved by 7 points, seeing an 11% drop in dissatisfied customers and a 7% drop in customers likely to leave BT TV.
April 2017
BT TV wins the “Best Content Discovery Service” TV Connect Award.
September 2017
BT TV wins the “Best interactive TV technology or application” CSI 2017 Award.
October 2017
BT TV wins the “Best TV platform” T3 Award.
British Telecom continues to invest in the future of BT TV, routinely consulting their customers and using data to drive product decisions, ensuring that customer-centricity remains its top priority.
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