“We have a firm belief that design will play a crucial role in transforming our products, culture, and company. frog collaborated with us to bring to fruition a new phone design that reflect the needs of our users, while improving the phone experience and our brand.”
Aber Bai, President, Meizu
A combination of frog’s human-centred design approach, radical creative thinking, and Meizu’s long-standing commitment to quality and craftsmanship, resulted in the innovative new PRO 7 smartphone with a differentiated user experience.


The omni-dimensional experience
Several observations of users revealed that in social situations, the phone was frequently placed face down. This was a polite way to indicate their full engagement in a conversation or interaction. frog and Meizu leveraged this valuable insight to reimagine both sides of the phone, having the back surface help as opposed to interrupt.
World’s first touch-enabled back display
A major innovation is the integration of a custom-built, retina touch display on the back surface of the PRO 7. Users can see vital notifications at a glance, rather than having to flip to the front display and open up various apps. It also allows users to view and take selfies using the more powerful back camera with wide angle capability.
Enhanced technology with no extra bulk
The team faced engineering challenges due to the additional features included. Integrating dual displays, cameras, flash and sensors put the phone at risk of growing in size and weight. Meizu opted not to compromise and invested significantly in a custom display, and high quality materials, resulting in a premium phone and seamless technology.
January 2016
The partnership began with frog understanding Meizu’s vision, and sharing our human-centred design approach. Followed by a deep dive into the lives of target customers, revealing new insights and opportunities for innovation.
May 2016
frog used a variety of ideation methodologies and prototypes to explore different hardware and software interactions. The result was a new design language system and design concepts.
March 2018
The Meizu PRO 7 has been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2018 for Product Design in the Smart Phone category, there were more than 6,400 entries submitted from 54 countries across the globe.
Meizu has continued their engagement with frog, in order to deepen their expertise with the human-centred design process and apply to Meizu’s family of products and design language system.
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