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From discoveries to patients

Cofounded by Jennifer Doudna, Nobel Prize winner for discovering CRISPR gene editing, Mammoth Biosciences is a pioneer in delivering on the promise of genetic medicine to detect and cure disease. As part of their diagnostics efforts, Mammoth believes cutting-edge molecular diagnostics testing should be accessible beyond scientific laboratories.   To enable this vision, Mammoth Biosciences reached out to frog to turn this concept into designs that showcase how. 

Lab-quality diagnostics can be delivered to decentralized settings, such as the home, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and urgent care centers. 

With the potential for widespread deployment of portable devices powered by Mammoth’s revolutionary science and engineering breakthroughs, more people in need would be able to receive timely, vital personalized healthcare solutions.  

With frog as our partner, we were able to create a suite of product designs for home and POC devices. These served as a north star, energized our team, streamlined our engineering efforts, and aligned us around our common goal of bringing our technology to people. 

Janice Chen, PhD, Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer, Mammoth

SABR is twinned with an optional application to help patients interpret test results.

SABR is twinned with an optional application to help patients interpret test results.

The self-contained SABR device requires no assembly and has simple instructions printed on the unit.

  • From lab to lap

    Project highlights

  • Challenge

    Translating innovation

    Mammoth sought to create CRISPR-powered diagnostic devices with the versatility to detect multiple pathogens at once, while remaining low-cost, simple and portable for use in homes and at the Point-of-Care (POC). 

    This meant translating foundational scientific discoveries into a wide range of beautifully crafted, trusted and accessible products with unique solutions for integrating technical elements.

  • Solution

    Prototyping user research

    frog helped Mammoth conduct multiple rounds of user research to discover patient and practitioner needs. Prototype devices were built around how real people use diagnostics and POC workflows. This data informed everything from devices’ workflows, physical and digital features, engineering architecture, to formal expression of brand identity.

  • Outcomes

    A path to products

    By setting a clear direction for teams to follow, frog helped enable Mammoth’s vision to democratize lab-quality diagnostics. Together, we defined a set of north star products and brand strategy in the healthcare space, making its ambition clear for both the product teams and potential partners. 

Two progressive prototypes

How two compact CRISPR-tech devices can unlock personalized care across the testing spectrum 

Our collaboration resulted in prototype devices for a bento-style at-home test (SABR) and a superellipse-shaped compact benchtop device (SEEKR) to provide patients with actionable treatment decisions right at POCs:

SEEKR is a device that can provide rapid results during a clinical appointment, whether at the doctor, urgent care or pharmacy. It is precise yet friendly, with a simple interface that provides practitioners with accurate glanceable clarity. The color-coded screen provides instantly recognizable status updates and results. This amenable design gives healthcare practitioners clear, easy to read results and patients peace of mind within a single visit.  

SABR is a self-contained health test with directions printed right on the unit. The beauty of this design is that there are no extra pieces to assemble or supporting materials to read.

This gives patients one less thing to worry about when anxiously awaiting test results. It is paired with an optional web app, which means patients will not need to download an app for what is a disposable device. The web app helps patients interpret results with ease. This is achieved by simply sharing a photo of the results on the web app‚ÄĒan action most people are familiar with in the age of social media networks.¬†¬†

A vision for Mammoth’s diagnostics products: The CRISPR -platform can disrupt many applications and indications.
SEEKR is both sleek and portable, making it suitable for a variety of settings.
frog and engineering firm, Sagentia Innovation, partnered on SEEKR, a compact, scalable architecture with an intuitive interface.

Inspiring, progressive biotech

Having helped Mammoth Biosciences create a vision for transformative diagnostics products in decentralized settings, frog gave the brand an edge in a highly competitive landscape. Together, we conceived, tested and refined two prototype devices that epitomize the synergy between scientific innovation and strategic, human-centered design.  

Recognizing the profound implications of Mammoth’s CRISPR technologies, frog inspired the teams by painting a picture for the future. Together, we harnessed the transformative power of collaboration to enable meaningful healthcare innovation. Mammoth Biosciences is now positioned to explore its full potential as a biotech company with its suite of innovative CRISPR technologies. Portable quality medical devices play an important role in the future of healthcare, and we are proud to be part of their inception.  

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