Bringing Innovative Med-Tech to Market with Ambu

For the past eight years, frog has partnered with Ambu, an industry-leading manufacturer of single-use medical devices, to bring innovative pulmonology, urology, and laryngology products to market.  When Ambu decided to expand their offerings to include gastrointestinal endoscopy devices, they again partnered with frog to bring their vision to market, starting with a sterile, single-use duodenoscope. 


Having already completed initial design research and developed internal schematics for the endoscope, Ambu approached frog for support in finalizing its industrial design, challenging the team to find creativity within constraints. Drawing on years of prior research and experience working with Ambu, the frog Malmo industrial design team created initial concept mockups using everything from 3D printers to carboard models. The team then elevated those concepts that met both the ergonomic and functional requirements of real-world users, as well as the design parameters provided by Ambu. During the development phase, Ambu also worked with physicians to assist the frog team with testing and refinement of prototypes. After only a few weeks of testing, frog presented Ambu with five viable design concepts to choose from. 


The final product of this partnership is the¬†Ambu¬ģ¬†aScope ‚ĄĘ Duodeno.¬†While the¬†aScope¬†Duodeno¬†is familiar in form to other duodenoscopes, it is designed to provide superior ergonomics, functionality and safety. By reducing the overall size of the device, the frog team made it more comfortable to hold compared to other endoscopes. The¬†aScope¬†Duodeno‚Äôs¬†four-directional control wheels also allow a greater range of functionality and adjustment during endoscopy procedures.¬†¬†

The primary advantage and innovation of the aScope Duodeno, however, is its ability to provide safe and sterile endoscopy for every patient through its single-use design. According to the FDA, the risk of patient cross-contamination with reusable duodenoscopes is greater than 5%, even when stringent cleaning protocols are followed. The single-use aScope Duodeno eliminates this risk, giving both patients and physicians peace of mind by ensuring sterility every time. Additionally, the aScope Duodeno reduces capital investments and eliminates the reprocessing, repair and replacement costs associated with reusable duodenoscopes. 


The Ambu aScope Duodeno is cleared for sale in the USA and Europe with other markets pending. The FDA granted it the Breakthrough Device Designation, a designation reserved for devices that provide for more effective treatment, as well as diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions. 

The Ambu aScope Duodeno won a 2021 Red Dot Product Design Award, as well as Red Dot’s Innovative Product award, demonstrating their clear leadership in the medical device industry.  Ambu and frog continue to partner on solutions aimed at improving experiences for patients and healthcare professionals alike, including the next generation of the aScope Duodeno. 


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