Revolutionizing Testing at the Point-of-Need

The WHO has identified antimicrobial resistance resulting from the overuse of antibiotics as one of the greatest challenges facing modern medicine. To tackle that challenge, med-tech company MeMed developed the pioneering ImmunoXpert lab test, which analyzes patients’ immune responses to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections, helping physicians to prescribe antibiotics more accurately and less frequently.

In order to maximize the value and accessibility of the ImmunoXpert test (now called the MeMedBV®), MeMed turned to frog to help them define and design a revolutionary immunoassay platform that could automatically perform ImmunoXpert diagnostics at the point of care in just 15 minutes, providing results where and when they are needed the most. frog’s convergent design approach and multidisciplinary team was key to the success of this project and the holistic integration of the platform’s product, service and digital experiences.

"The MeMed Key® is far greater than the sum of its parts. It is a perfect storm of engineering, design and product converging in a never-ending desire to perfect every fine detail. This was an enlightening experience of how far true collaboration between a group of talented individuals can reach."
Dr. Kfir Oved, Co-founder, CTO, Chairman, MeMed

The challenges involved in the project were immense and multifaceted. The platform would have to meet the practical needs of care providers in GP offices, nursing homes, hospitals and urgent care facilities, while also meeting the testing standards of central lab technicians. Through a process of immersive research in various point of care contexts, the frog team helped to identify the core user needs and product requirements that would drive design and technology ideation.

After initial research, frog planned and orchestrated iterative design workshops that brought MeMed, frog, the engineering and manufacturing partner, the consumables manufacturer and chemicals experts together into a collaborative process throughout the development cycle. Working together, the team was able to develop product architecture and experience concepts informed by both functional and aesthetic criteria, and which continuously evolved according to ongoing explorations of the system’s UI and data visualizations. Eventually, a semi-functional model of the MeMed Key® system was built and tested in Italy and Israel, validating the complete product and experience from process start and patient data insertion to scanning and result output.

Over nearly five years of partnership and development, frog helped deliver the complete MeMed Key® product experience, product design and brand identity. One of the most significant innovations to come out of the partnership was the MeMed Key® collection platform and disposable cartridge, which houses both pipette tips and reagents inside of a small, self-sealed container. The innovative design automatically opens and closes inside the device, improving ease of use significantly. The frog team was awarded several patents for its architecture and design. The work also earned the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Today, the Red Dot Award-winning MeMed Key® has been awarded CE Mark, positioning it to improve immunoassay testing in healthcare markets around the world. Its performance, convenience and potential for testing expandability has made it one of the most promising new tools in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, as well as a powerful platform for increasing the accessibility of immunoassay testing.
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