CX Strategy, Design & Performance

Envision, build and measure differentiated customer and employee experiences for today and tomorrow.



Customer-centered transformation

Transform your business for the future by putting the customer at the center of everything you do


Inclusive design

Reach greater audiences and markets by ensuring your products, services and experiences are designed for all


Unparalleled experiences

Create lasting relationships with your customers by providing experiences that people love

Experiences that drive value

The quality of the customer experience (CX) an organization provides determines its value. As today’s consumers demand increasingly memorable and differentiated experiences from every brand they interact with, organizations must shift their focus from CX maintenance to CX strategy. By merging experience, brand and technology, frog supports clients in creating consistent, scalable and multichannel signature moments. By leveraging the power of behavioral science and human-centered design, organizations can create CX that not only meets customers’ needs and expectations, but that builds loyalty and informs business strategy.

But thoughtful experiences shouldn’t stop with customers—to build a complete and consistent brand, experience strategy must also operate internally, providing powerful and positive experiences to the people who keep the business running. With our expertise in org design and activation, we help organizations apply their brand and experience principles internally to create a single, holistic experience strategy that adds value for customers, employees and the business itself.

“Customer experience is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with your brand over time. It’s the end-to-end journey that when done well, yields a long-lasting relationship.”
Geoffrey Schwartz
Executive Strategy Director, frog

How we do it

We help clients elevate and refine their CX strategy and execution by unifying brand, strategy and delivery to create a single, holistic experience framework that advances business interests while strengthening loyalty and relationships with both customers and employees. By assessing existing engagement models, we help to identify experience pain points and opportunities to gather strategically valuable data across channels and throughout the customer journey. We then help generate and implement innovative, differentiated experience solutions based on insights surfaced through human-centered design and behavioral science.

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