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Harnessing Data for Leaner and Greener Future of Mobility

Bolstering Volvo Group’s data capabilities to provide customers with intelligent new offerings

Volvo and frog put customers first

Volvo Group (Volvo) is a global leader in the development of electric and autonomous mobility solutions such as integrated fleet management, e-truck charging optimization, reduced energy consumption and an enhanced path to decarbonization. It is at the forefront of crafting a future of mobility that benefits its customers, the environment and society as a whole. Over a three-year span, in partnership with the wider Capgemini Group and Microsoft, we created a Volvo cloud data platform to securely host, organize and analyze Volvo's data, forming the necessary technological foundation to pave the way for their servitization goal of delivering not only a product to the customer, but also a business outcome and an exceptional customer experience.

Volvo Group wanted to collaborate with: professionals versed in service design and customer-centric experiences and saw a partnership with frog and Microsoft as a way to implement its business strategy. Before, during and after the successful build and rollout of the platform, the question emerged of how to best utilize the vast amounts of complex data now available. Volvo knew the right approach would garner real business value, so with help from frog and Microsoft they began figuring out how to harness the data to create genuine, continually improving customer value.

  • Creating a data-driven customer experience

    Project highlights

  • Challenge

    Connecting Data and Customer

    Looking ahead, Volvo Group knew it had to find new ways to support its customers as they navigate the changing automotive and transportation landscape.

    Volvo Group set its sights on routing customer data into useful mobility solutions for their customers and serving them through a differentiated customer experience.

    Realizing the need for an intelligent products and services ecosystem, Volvo Group teamed up with frog, Capgemini and Microsoft to establish a world-leading data and analytics service.

  • Solution

    From Manufacturer to Advisor

    The multinational team set out to uplift Volvo Group’s data and analytics capabilities to obtain actionable insights to help Volvo customers unlock added value out of their mobility solutions.

    Enabled by its new data platform and capabilities, Volvo Group was able to create a new business model that would shift their customer relationships from ad-hoc problem-solving support to long-term business optimization partnerships.

    With the advisory model, Volvo customers gain access to an evolving ecosystem intended to provide them with enhanced support and recommendations aimed at improving their operations and user experience.

  • Outcomes

    Value. Ease. Peace of mind.

    Transforming from ad-hoc problem-solving support to long-term partnership and connected solutions provides Volvo Group's customer with value and peace of mind in their business optimization journeys. The beneficial customer outcomes include:

    • Savings through efficiency improvements in daily operations, e.g., fleet management, logistics and e-truck charging optimization
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions
    • Improvements in driver satisfaction

    At the same time, it advances Volvo’s servitization goals, helping them stay ahead of the curve by bringing a complete service offering to the market.

A Better Customer Experience

Volvo is using their cloud data platform to create data-driven services to propel revenue and improve the customer experience.

Our alliance is ongoing as we work with Volvo to craft new features, using data collected from their surrounding infrastructure to propose enriched services that bring increased value to its customers.

In Q2 2024, Volvo will connect with its customers to improve the efficiency of their daily operations while reducing the environmental impact of their activities, jointly contributing to a sustainable future.

As a result of the initial pilots, Volvo has seen a + 40 pts increase in data reports take rate—from 35% to 75%.

We designed a service that allows Volvo customers to subscribe to insight reports and expert advisory that help optimize their operations.

We designed a service that allows Volvo customers to subscribe to insight reports and expert advisory that help optimize their operations.

The new intelligent services allow Volvo to take their customer experience to new heights by becoming a trusted business optimization partner.

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