“I have been an avid fan of frog design for over 20 years. The time working with their team was an unbelievable experience. They took the time to understand our customers and our business and gave us a strong foundation from which we will disrupt our industry, while saving the Earth’s precious resources.”
Jerry Callahan, CEO and Founder, Heatworks
Heatworks’ revolutionary technology and frog’s visionary design combine to put the home appliance industry in hot water.


It takes both groundbreaking tech and visionary design to create an industry-disrupting brand, which is precisely what Heatworks has achieved through its partnership with frog. Heatworks approached frog in 2016 with its revolutionary Ohmic Array Technology, which heats water with unparalleled speed and efficiency, and challenged frog to help design their brand identity, product strategy, and hardware/software integration plan. Working in close collaboration with Heatworks, frog helped deliver Heatworks’ MODEL 3 smart home water heater to market in just nine months.

The MODEL 3 system’s integrated smartphone app gives users real-time control over their water and energy use, bringing consumption habits to the forefront to reduce waste and save users up to 40 percent of their home water heating bill. By bringing water heating into the connected home, Heatworks was able to create a memorable product experience in a largely overlooked consumer category. But the MODEL 3 was only the beginning.


Limitless Possibilities Unlocked with Technology Interpretation

Inspired by the power of Heatworks’ Ohmic Array technology, frog’s industrial design team embarked on a process of technology interpretation to envision further applications and uses. Going beyond the client’s initial ask, this process aimed to leverage the technological capabilities of Heatworks’ core technology to deliver completely new value propositions and experiences for businesses and consumers alike. Through this process, frog created two new product concepts for Heatworks, opening up new possible revenue streams and disrupting the consumer home appliance market. 

The first product to emerge from this process was the Tetra dishwasher, which launched as a major crowd-favorite at CES 2019. This sleek countertop dishwasher aims to address some of the major flaws in standard dishwasher designs that frog discovered through human-centered design research. By creating a dishwasher compact enough to live on the countertop, frog addressed two of the greatest drawbacks of standard dishwasher design: young users with small households find them too large to fill, and older users find them uncomfortable to load and unload. Both groups resort to hand washing, which research demonstrates uses roughly ten times more water than machine washing. The final product features interchangeable trays for various loading configurations, a transparent top that reduces visual bulk, and a striking color palette that incorporates Heatworks’ branding. At CES 2019, the Tetra dishwasher won the prestigious Most Innovative Design award, along with multiple press mentions including Time Magazine and c|net.

The second new product to emerge from frog’s technology interpretation process was the Duo carafe, a revolutionary water system that combines on-demand hot water, precision temperature control in a beautiful and efficient countertop appliance. At CES 2020, the Duo carafe received attention from WIRED, House Beautiful, and Mental Floss as one of the most interesting new gadgets at the show, further solidifying Heatworks’ reputation as a technological innovator and visionary home appliance brand.

September 2016
frog and Heatworks entered a partnership with the combined mission of setting a new standard for high-quality and efficient water heaters.
January 2017
The Heatworks team previewed their next-generation, IoT-connected MODEL 3 water heater at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
February 2018
Operating at 99 percent efficiency and controlled via a mobile application, the MODEL 3, by Heatworks will launch in the marketplace.
The products frog designed using Heatworks’ Ohmic Array technology have already won multiple design awards and captured the attention of consumers and industry experts alike, driving growth and disrupting the home appliance market through technology interpretation.
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