Growth Strategy

Defining new futures that create sustainable, profitable growth.



Growth vision

Shape a growth strategy by combining visionary creativity with deep analysis



Define and prioritize near- and long-term growth opportunities, along with the specific missions to unlock them


Inorganic growth

Identify the right strategic partners and opportunities for building, buying or venturing to create new businesses

Strategy needs creativity

As consumer tastes change, technologies evolve and new entrants continue to disrupt markets, investing in more of the same just won’t cut it. For businesses today to survive and thrive, you don’t just need growth—you need to reinvent yourself.

In such circumstances, conventional business strategy falls short because it’s confined to looking at what already exists within fixed industries, categories and boundaries. Where “big strategy” makes choices, creative strategy invents them. You can’t analyze or optimize your way to sustained growth with the tools already on the table. You need to envision what comes next, think creatively about ways to generate and capture value, and execute to build the business of the future.

“We are in the business of creating the future. Data and analysis ground us in the truths of the world as it is today, but we cannot deduce what doesn’t yet exist. We must pair our deductive thinking with inductive hypotheses in order to create a new type of ROI—return on imagination.”
Courtney Pace
Head of frog Strategy NA, Head of Private Equity

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How we do it

At frog we are more than just analyzers and optimizers. We partner with change agents to build the future. We help clients define strategies that enable their companies to achieve growth and create competitive advantage by leveraging creativity, data and analytics.

We start by charting a vision for long-term growth that identifies key opportunities that are truly ownable. Once we determine which opportunities are as sustainable as they are winnable, we take out the guesswork by translating the strategy into a tangible, actionable plan that outlines the steps required to move from ambition to outcomes.

By partnering with frog, you’ll be able to: 

  • Drive sustainable, profitable growth  
  • Uncover new market opportunities 
  • Launch and scale new businesses and products 
  • Chart and de-risk your path to innovation 



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