Identify, pilot and scale sustainable and regenerative opportunities that advance both your business and its purpose.



Sustainable design

Go beyond “human-centered” to become truly planet-minded


Next economy

Embrace sustainable transformation or risk being left behind


Regenerative futures

Cultivate a viable future that goes beyond sustaining the status quo

Creating our sustainable, regenerative future

We are facing the greatest collective challenge in human history. Across the globe, the effects of climate change on our communities, our economies and our societies are becoming more intense and disruptive, proving that we can no longer afford to maintain business as usual. In order to avoid irreversible ecological collapse, catastrophic natural disasters and climate-driven social and political unrest, we must redirect our resources to create a more sustainable, regenerative and resilient world.

“Regenerative approaches will require a holistic shift of the organization—from brand story to business model.”
Kara Pecknold
Executive Design Director & Sustainability Lead

Delivering the Next Economy

Tomorrow’s businesses will not only need to meet the expectations of ecologically conscious consumers, but the challenges of environmental regulation and climate-related disruption as well. As social and climate trends converge to push us toward the Next Economy even faster than expected, organizations must pursue sustainable transformation and innovation or risk being left behind.

Our sustainability offerings help organizations achieve their social, environmental and climate objectives by combining the best of our experience and expertise in product design and development, corporate transformation and sustainable innovation.

70 %

of consumers

say that being socially responsible or environmentally friendly are important when considering brand loyalty.

How we do it

We work closely with leaders and internal stakeholders to understand their business and core values, empowering organizations from within by shaping, aligning and enabling their sustainability strategies. We also help identify opportunities for sustainable innovation that intersect with those strategies, leveraging our Innovation Strategy, Venture Building, Startup Growth and Product Design capabilities to help incumbents and newcomers alike launch next-generation brands and products that integrate current best practices from the worlds of circular and regenerative design.

Our capabilities
Contrary to the narratives that place sustainability and business at odds, we believe that the transition to the Next Economy presents tremendous opportunities across the business landscape. We work with our partners to identify the specific opportunities that will best serve their business, its customers and our planet. By working to incorporate resilient and regenerative technologies, processes and practices directly into organizations, products and services today, we are also working to create a more resilient and regenerative economy and society for tomorrow.  
Sustainable Experience
We work with our partners to embed sustainability into their products, services and experiences, transforming existing offerings to reduce impact and developing entirely new sustainable experiences.
Regenerative Futures
We leverage the latest insights from circular and regenerative design to help organizations develop technologies, products and services that not only reduce impact, but regenerate resources.
Next Economy Brand
The brands that win in the Next Economy will be those that lead on their sustainable purpose. We help organizations develop a brand identity, expression and experience that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.
Next Economy Team
Next Economy brands must respond to the shifting needs of both consumers and the planet. By developing internal sustainability systems and expertise, organizations can anticipate and implement the latest in sustainable and regenerative technology and practice.

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