“Working with the frog team to bring Lumen to life has been an exceptional experience. Their passion towards building and creating new products is unparalleled. We were continuously impressed by their thinking process, creative, consumer-centric design and team work.”
Dror Cedar, Founder and CPMO, Lumen
Lumen is an innovative device that measures metabolism with a single breath, helping to personalize a user’s nutrition plan based on real-time physiology and long-term health goals. frog helped the Israeli start-up bring Lumen to life, developing the product and user experience that launches as a crowdfunding campaign in July 2018.
From Concept to Prototype
The founders of Lumen approached frog to articulate a UX concept to support their hypothesis for a fast and accessible method for gathering real-time metabolic data. After they arrived at a component architecture, frog refined product concepts while exploring a design language and volume layouts within a series of prototypes.
A Venture Design Approach
frog developed a User-Centered Framework and Design Research “Boot Camp” curriculum to aid the Lumen team in learning to systematically evaluate product concepts directly with target users. The insights generated by user research guided their selection of a final product concept 
for Lumen.
Luxury in the Details
frog refined Lumen into a premium luxury object, designing details like lit graphics to bring the analysis process to life and a magnetic chrome cap to protect the air inlet and communicate product quality. frog’s detail engineering supported the development of working prototypes that were used to test the Lumen experience with beta users.
Vision Delivered
At the end of the Lumen program, frog delivered an appearance model with final materials, a mechanical prototype to test the product assembly and a set of mechanical construction and design guidelines to inform the supplier on how to realize the series of working prototypes.
May 2016
Lumen asks frog to design a beta metabolism measurement device to test the user experience vision
July 2018
Lumen launches Indiegogo campaign
January 2019
Lumen will be available to ship to backers
Lumen has received $1,768,600 in pre-orders from 7,770 people on Indiegogo.
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