Building on a long-standing partnership with stc, a leading telecom and technology service provider, frog designed a new company-wide design language system (DLS) to support stc’s massive rebranding effort and inform the design of new products and services. The flagship product of the award-winning DLS is the mystc app—a new, personalized digital platform that empowers stc customers to take control of their telecom services. Informed by in-field research in cities across the Middle East, the frog and stc team together raised the standard for self-service telecom experiences, driving new engagement across the region.
Deep, In-Field Research
To ensure the redesign would suit the unique, evolving needs of customers across the Middle East, the frog team spent two weeks in the field between Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to better understand customer needs and pain points. In a UX assessment, frog and stc went through key flows within the previous application to identify challenges, and provide new solutions. The frog team conducted more than 40 qualitative stakeholder interviews in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait while co-located with stc business leads and employees. frog then worked side-by-side with stc to perform a comprehensive technology assessment aimed at identifying current capabilities and defining new areas for ongoing improvement.
From Utility App to Companion Experience
Throughout the program, the frog and stc team sought to translate improved customer experiences into increased customer satisfaction and loyalty—all while reducing the company’s customer support effort. More than a self-service app for basic telecom services like managing phone lines and purchasing products, the mystc app offers an elevated lifestyle element throughout. Baked into the user experience is personalized, aspirational content and offers that go far beyond simple loyalty programs, to provide customers with meaningful, strategic guidance for incorporating their telecom services into their real lives.
Driving Cross-Regional Success with a DLS
The new stc DLS, exemplified by the mystc app, is built on the customer experience principles of building trust, providing proactive personalization, empowering users and providing a seamless experience. As the first touch in customers’ relationship with the brand, the redesigned DLS ensures consistency across all digital stc services. frog designed the DLS to be a strong, extensible tool—a scaling, living, centralized repository of principles, templates, components and other assets that help internal teams accelerate their efforts.
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Technology as Enabler and Accelerator
frog supported stc in defining their technology strategy for digital and achieving faster time to market. The team worked closely with business and IT stakeholders in Agile sprints to iteratively prioritize, design and develop product increments, shortening the feedback and approval cycle. frog built mobile and web applications with high quality UX and collaborated with the stc IT team to design an integration API layer. The collaborative API process created alignment on use cases and flows, and facilitated downstream final engineering and release activities.
A World-Class, Worldwide Team
The work reflects a team of 30+ frogs across Europe and India, including in Milan, Munich, Delhi and Bangalore—following Agile product management and delivery methodologies. While initially collaborating largely in-person with stc in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the team smoothly switched to a remote collaboration structure at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic—without compromising on product quality or manner of delivery. To bring the product to market, the team brought in experts from the Altran Global Engineering Center in Ukraine, part of frog’s parent company. In addition, frog worked closely with the Interbrand team in Madrid to ensure the rebranding initiative was considered in context of delivering on the new brand promise in every screen, flow and interaction.
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May 2019
stc partnered with frog to ensure their rebranding effort guides the redesign of many in-market products and services—and others still to come.
December 2019
The new design language system is launched across stc’s digital portfolio to reflect the ongoing rebranding effort.
September 2020
The work is awarded Silver in Transform Magazine’s 2020 MEA Transformation Awards, under the category of best rebrand of a digital property.
First launched in December 2019, the work went on to be awarded Silver in Transform Magazine’s 2020 MEA Transformation Awards for the category of best rebrand of a digital property. The DLS has been deployed and is currently in-use across the organization, expanding the reach of the design work and guiding other umbrella brands across the extended stc business ecosystem. The mystc app has been received well by customers in the Middle East region, and has permanently raised the standard for digital, self-service telecom experiences.
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