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Climate tech VC Ramsay Siegal and futurist Monika Bielskyte trade points of view on the role of ventures and business model innovation. Who controls the market: challengers or incumbents? Who will lead us into the Next Economy? How should businesses react to dramatic change?

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With landscapes shifting at an accelerating pace, the work of finding solid ground, experimenting and launching new businesses is more critical than ever. The practice of corporate venture building helps to demystify self-disruption, paving the way to healthy intrapreneurship ecosystems.

Let’s journey into new ground. From pursuing fertile avenues of growth, equipping for the terrain ahead and engaging stakeholders, to delivering resonant offerings that defy expectations.

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A Next Economy is taking shape, rapidly and unpredictably shifting the operating environment for businesses.


The changes underway globally are dramatic enough that “simply” updating our current business models is an insufficient response. 
To thrive during these transitions and beyond, 
we must not only succeed in the evolutionary work of adapting legacy offerings and operations, but also begin to supersede them through more radical innovation.


Corporate Venture Building

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Tomorrow’s most dynamic businesses are provisioning for the Next Economy. Across industries, business leaders are working on new growth trajectories and moving swiftly to put themselves on a stronger footing. Developing a portfolio of new candidate ventures that can augment or eventually replace legacy strategies is essential for building resilience and readying for what’s to come.

Read on to learn more about how frog and our clients employ these strategies to empower teams to drive innovation, push past the incremental and reinforce their organizations for the future.

Design Mind Studio Sessions: Corporate Venturing

Global innovation leaders discuss how bridging expertise from corporate and startup worlds translates to successful corporate ventures.

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When venturing towards resilience and growth, success lies in continually advancing on three levels, that are at once sequential, non-linear and interwoven:

Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip Equip
Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage
Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy Defy

1. Equip

Be ready for
what’s next.

“Venturing forward” as a company requires getting a lot right from the outset: the appropriate team, skills and tools—backed up with a shared vision, guiding principles, relevant training and aligned objectives. It’s crucial we reprovision as we go, adding capabilities and embracing tools and technologies to surmount the challenges we encounter.

Client Story

Combining HealthHero’s clinical experience with frog’s venture building capabilities, the joint team quickly iterated to shape the long-term vision, launch the business and bring to market its first flagship teleconsultation service: MediRedi.

The tight collaboration led to the design and build of digital touchpoints—a responsive website for patients and a customized consultation dashboard for doctors—as well as defining value proposition, pricing and operating models. Today, HealthHero is the largest digital-first healthcare provider in Europe, supporting 35 million lives and partnering with over 1000 businesses.

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2. Engage

From hypotheses
to results.

Continuous cycles of building, testing and learning provide the empirical results needed to progress from hypotheses to insights, enable the synthesis of insights to opportunities and ultimately yield validated offerings and responsive live operations. Cross-pollinating ideas from a diverse set of creative, strategic and technical collaborators reinforces our ability to see around corners, act on inspiration and validate in real time.


Bayer and frog are collaborating to
leverage venture building in driving
consumer health innovation.

“The power of data and technology improves the way we connect with customers, consumers and stakeholders.”

Lily Wong

VP, Digital Lead, Bayer

Listen to our Design Mind podcast episode, How We Venture: Bayer Consumer Health.

In this episode, we learn about behavioral shifts, what propels or hinders breakthroughs and a shared commitment to customer validation through iterative empirical testing.

3. Defy

Inhabit the future.

Unprecedented shifts in our markets and operating environments require a greater emphasis on rapid and radical innovation. In building for the Next Economy, we need to sidestep yesterday’s expectations and anticipate a profoundly different tomorrow.


Client Story

When Three Mobile, one of the UK’s “big four” telcos, saw an opportunity to reinvent the market, they enlisted frog to help conceive, launch and scale SMARTY: a new venture built around radical simplicity and elevated customer experience.

The story of the frog and SMARTY partnership is one of rewriting the rulebook for mobile networks. In six months, the frog team helped Three go from big idea to a new consumer mobile brand and business, live in the market. SMARTY has now been scaling for four years, with frog continuing to work as a strategic partner and integral part of the operating team. Their success demonstrates how challenging the preconceived limits of an industry can pay off.

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Build and launch new businesses for the Next Economy

As we transition to the Next Economy, the inherently unfamiliar and unstable terrain calls for a fundamentally different approach to value creation. Long-term forecasting has always been an inexact science, and the speed, scope and scale of the changes underway appear to be outpacing the advancement of our abilities. One forecast seems clear: standing still as the world transforms around us won’t be a winning strategy. Download the full ‘Venturing Forward’ report to go deeper into the three strategies of Equip, Engage and Defy to create new businesses for our Next Economy. Learn how to fortify established strengths, make an ally of the unexpected and then take that next step out into the future.

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Chief Challenges: Venturing Forward

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