Designing the Next Era of Telehealth for Europe

“The world has changed, and healthcare is failing to keep up. Digital can provide the solution, but it has not yet succeeded. Now is the time to change that.”
–  Ranjan Singh, CEO, HealthHero

Almost 75 percent of primary care consultations could be resolved without in-person appointments. Yet, less than one percent of them are actually run remotely, impacting both overall costs and quality of care. Better virtual care experiences have incredible potential to provide patients with better care, providers with efficient delivery and society with improved public health outcomes. In February 2020, frog partnered with HealthHero to launch a virtual primary care venture that aims to bridge this gap, bringing together the convenience of digital delivery with the expertise of human clinicians.

Combining HealthHero’s clinical experience with frog’s Venture Design approach, the team quickly iterated to shape the long-term vision, launch the business and bring to market its first flagship teleconsultation service, MediRedi.


Building the foundation
HealthHero is a new digital-first healthcare venture formed in Autumn 2019 from a combination of leading clinical businesses and backed by Marcol, a pan-European investment house. The HealthHero platform has a B2B2C focus to drive scale through insurers, employers and governments. The frog and HealthHero team worked together to consolidate the value proposition, architect a differentiated service offering and design the user experience vision. The multidisciplinary team from frog studios in London, Munich and Milan moved quickly from frameworks to sketches to prototypes, crafting in just four weeks a final pitch deck that helped accelerate engagement with investors, customers and ecosystem partners.
Making it real
When COVID-19 hit, frog and HealthHero agreed on an ambitious plan to bring the service vison to a marketable MVP that would help alleviate the strain on core healthcare systems during the pandemic. The team deployed the full set of frog capabilities to envision and deliver MediRedi, a new B2C tele-consultation service, ready to pilot in just three months. The tight collaboration led to the design and build of digital touchpoints—a responsive website for patients and a customized consultation dashboard for doctors—as well as defining value proposition, pricing and operating models.
Scaling the platform
The frog and HealthHero team created MediRedi as a flexible and scalable technology solution designed to quickly interface with new service components and evolving requirements, acting as the foundation for the B2B2C service delivery. The solution is a modern cloud-based application that relies on a new API layer to integrate and orchestrate underlying services and systems, and provides the user with a unified view and distinctive experience. This architecture allows HealthHero to adapt to diverse client, patient and healthcare system needs.

From chat services to phone and video consultations, HealthHero delivers effective care by connecting human experts with those in need through digital means—all the while expanding the breadth of what is possible to treat remotely by leveraging the latest technology solutions.
April 2020
After exploring strategies on a new digital telemedicine service, the frog and HealthHero team began to design and build the MediRedi B2C platform.
August 2020
HealthHero and MediRedi went online, attracting investors, recruiting clinicians for the upcoming launch and serving as a demonstrator for B2B clients.
January 2021
With the UK B2C offering in Beta, the team started the ambitious journey of scaling the solution to key European countries.
Thanks to a rapid series of acquisitions, in December 2020 HealthHero was named the largest telehealth player in Europe. (Business Leader, Bdaily Business News) frog continues collaborating with the team to further expand the range of services and geographic reach, with a continuous focus on bettering patient experience.
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