Corporate Venture Building

Rapidly build new businesses to capitalize on emerging markets, technologies and behaviors.



Launch businesses

Imagine, launch and scale innovative new businesses to help you seize the latest market opportunities


Be a challenger

Avoid market disruption by becoming the challenger


Innovation at scale

Sustain growth beyond launch by scaling your innovation efforts from within

Innovation from within

To seize rapidly emerging opportunities and compete with startups and other new market entrants, today’s organizations must be nimble, responsive and forward-lookingFor large organizations with well-established operations, however, it can be difficult to overcome entrenched legacy processes and get internal buy-in for fundamental transformations to the core business. 

frog’s Corporate Venture Builder offers legacy leaders an alternative to all-or-nothing transformation: leveraging the power of agile methodology, design thinking and deeply informed market strategy to create ventures that complement—not compete—with their core business. By decoupling innovation from legacy products and processes, we help large organizations more rapidly identify, validate and scale category-defining new products and businesses. 

How we do it

We start by working with organizational leaders to define the key needs, goals and capabilities of their core business. From there, we identify and prioritize scalable business opportunities through detailed market research and analysis, then develop and validate them through our focused, fast and proven path to market. 

Organizations that partner with frog gain access to the startup experience and creative design methodology they need to create and launch internal ventures that enable innovation and growth for the future.   

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