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Waves of Personalization

Wave after wave of 'Relevancy Inflation' will soon hit the shores, resulting in elevated customer perception of what it means to be truly personal.
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Discover the coming waves of personalization and the resulting ‘Relevancy Inflation.’

Customer satisfaction has taken an upswing in recent years. Companies embraced the data-sharing model of business, earning new product and service insights and moving them closer to their customers. As a result, organizations rode the waves of personalization for decades. But soon, a flood of tailored messages weakened the resonance of personalized efforts, a phenomenon known as ‘Relevancy Inflation.’ Each new wave was increasingly difficult to surf. And now, the tide is once again rising.

Organizations that continue to treat customers as a generic group risk getting swallowed by the seas of irrelevancy. 

In this point of view, we provide expert perspectives for CMOs and marketing leaders. We examine the waves of personalization that are now on the horizon. By explaining Attention-as-a-Currency and bot-to-bot personalization, we empower business leaders and prepare organizations for what’s next.

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The three coming Waves of Personalization

Wave of Trust

Trust and personalization have become intertwined forces in our daily lives and business relationships. To navigate this new era successfully companies must recognize that trust is not merely an option—it’s an imperative that underpin the success of any customer relationship.

Wave of Authenticity

In the near future, personalization in customer experience may take a new direction. Generative AI will enable marketing leaders to develop, almost in real time, more dynamic content and more connected experiences. With new enterprise-ready platforms, such
as Adobe Firefly, marketers will generate infinite assets fully on-brand. As a result, there will be increasing pressure to be authentic.

Wave of Attention-as-a-Currency

What would the world look like if instead of seducing and nudging customers to act the way they want, brands started rewarding customers. What if attention itself is not sought through instant gratification and micro-nudging mechanisms. This would be a world riding the wave of Attention-as-a-Currency.

Riding the waves with frog

At frog, we help brands to nurture lasting relationships with their customers. We can empower you to establish strong connections with clients, stakeholders, and partners. Our team can support you end-to-end through the discovery, strategy, design and build of personalized products, services and experiences.

frog can help you with:

• Developing a personalization strategy and target operating model
• Discovering what customers expect—and what they’ll pay for
• Establishing a human-centric brand that is truly perceived as personal
• Creating award winning loyalty and membership programs
• Launching platforms to enable real-time journeys, marketing activation and NBA/NBO decisioning
• Making your mark with personalized digital, physical and hybrid experiences

Featuring the following contributors:



Tim Van Der Galiën
Connected Marketing Lead, frog The Netherlands

Ingeborg Houterman
Consultant Customer Transformation, frog The Netherlands

Frederike Van De Water
Senior Consultant Customer Transformation, frog The Netherlands



Matthew Resnick
Head of Brand Strategy, frog The Netherlands

Maaike Slagter
Director Retail & Consumer Products, frog The Netherlands

Robin Van Den Hoven
Digital Customer Experience Architect, Capgemini



Mara Von Laar
Senior Consultant Customer Transformation, frog The Netherlands

Richa Baldewpersad Tewarie
Consultant Customer Transformation, frog The Netherlands

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