Saudi Telecom, Co.

A Fresh Digital Experience for Saudi Millennials

“We partnered with frog to realize a great digital end-user experience to fulfill the unmet needs of Saudi millennials, while testing our work with our audience at every step of the development process.”
Ash Banerjee, Chief Brand Officer, Jawwy from STC
frog worked with Saudi Telecom, Co. (STC) to create Jawwy, a fresh and modern digital experience for Saudi millennials. Within four months, frog delivered a responsive and seamless user journey across desktop, mobile devices and tablets, which went on to achieve the highest customer experience rating (NPS score) among all mobile operators worldwide.


Agile Dream Team
frog brought together a tightly integrated Agile Scrum team comprised of engineers, designers and project managers, as well as 14 partners from Silicon Valley, the Middle East and India. We were able to make the design intent real by adapting our development approach to partner software lifecycles and specific technology standards.
Rapid Prototyping and Iteration
frog defined five experience principles and used them to guide design and development. Rapid prototyping and iteration sessions drove the design of the detailed front-end experience, with user interviews in Riyadh and Jeddah helping to identify areas for refinement.
Reframing Pain Points
frog translated pain points into opportunities based on research that found young Saudis expect sophisticated branded experiences and see a mobile, digital lifestyle as an important extension of their identity. These opportunities were then extended across the complete customer journey.
STC approached frog for help creating a culturally relevant, digital-first experience from the ground up, with the goal of launching to market quickly.
4 Months
frog orchestrated a team of 32 designers and technologists, in addition to 14 partners, to deliver the first minimum viable product (MVP) under an ambitious project schedule.
May 2016
STC launched Sapphire, a new venture, and its digital-first offering, Jawwy.
On May 18, 2016, Saudi Telecom Company launched Sapphire, a new venture, and its digital-first offering, Jawwy. The work received top honors with five Transform Awards MENA, including the Grand Prix.
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