DeepView Wound Imaging System

After the tragic events of 9/11, the federal government determined the United States was ill-prepared for a mass casualty situation, and allocated funds to help the U.S. better prepare for mass emergency situations. As a response, SpectralMD developed the DeepView™ Wound Imaging System in 2013—a medical countermeasure (MCM) and noninvasive imaging technology device that assists medical professionals in assessing and documenting patient burns and wounds.

In preparation for the imaging system’s first round of FDA testing, we worked with SpectralMD to design a digital experience that showcased the product’s state-of-the-art capabilities.


To emphasize the device’s functionality and capabilities, we created a workflow for medical professionals to use that resulted in an immediate, non-invasive analysis of skin or tissue problems—which, in real-world scenarios, could save more lives.

The device SpectralMD developed allows medical professionals of all experience levels to rapidly produce real-time digital images of patients’ tissue below the skin’s surface by using physiologic information from the interaction of light with the body. While the device was designed with the worst-case scenario in mind, it was also designed for use in everyday settings—to analyze blood flow, burns and other conditions like diabetes, decubitus and chronic wounds.

The visual style and workflow screens we developed were presented on a 24-inch vertical touch screen, allowing healthcare professionals to easily create new patient profiles while capturing and developing images of the patient’s body. Because use cases could range from low-key to an incredibly stressful environments (like an overcrowded burn unit), the goal was to design something robust yet extremely intuitive and simple that would help treat patients faster and, ultimately, save more lives.

In compliance with FDA testing requirements, we also created a quick-start guide that introduces the system to the healthcare professional without having to read a full manual, and a 55-page, comprehensive product manual that includes operating instructions, safety information and technical information.

Spectral MD’s DeepView Medical Imaging system was awarded grant money from the National Science Foundation in 2011 and FDA clearance in 2013.

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