“Working with frog was transformative for our organization. They listened to our needs and rolled up their sleeves to work side-by-side with us, every step of the way. The end result is a team armed with a powerful strategy for our next phase of growth.”
Nathalie Lubensky, Chief Marketing Officer
Xsolla is a technology solutions provider for the video game industry that provides services to help developers and publishers create, monetize and scale their games. They came to frog to develop a comprehensive strategy that would put their customers first, including a complete website site re-design and a platform to help focus and define the organization’s purpose.
Design Research Paves the Way
frog conducted qualitative and quantitative research in five countries before developing a strategic platform for both inspiring and focusing their product offering. With the right tools to align around a purpose, we defined a comprehensive product roadmap, along with new strategic initiatives to position Xsolla as a gaming industry leader for their audience.
Transforming Through Purpose
In order to authentically deliver the clarified purpose, we needed to move beyond the product portfolio to service design. Together, we crafted a new service design model for articulating and launching new tools, processes and behaviors for the organization. Xsolla is now poised to be an advocate and champion of indie developers across the globe.
Showing the World
To drive home the new customer-centric approach and brand messaging, frog worked with Xsolla to design their new website, combining frog’s expertise in designing systems of brand and product with Xsolla’s technical expertise. The website design and development also coincided with the company’s largest marketing campaign to date targeting indie game developers.
August 2017
Engagement begins with Xsolla and frog
6 Months
Working alongside the Xsolla teams to transform the organization
June 2018
Xsolla’s new website and brand campaign launches
frog worked with Xsolla to craft a brand system around their key audience, in order to define their position in the gaming world and focus their offerings around their customers’ needs.
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