The Black Box

We‚Äôve partnered with Ericsson on numerous projects over the years, so when they asked us to help them create a groundbreaking experience for¬†Mobile World Congress 2017, we jumped at the opportunity to design a state-of-the-art experience for trade show attendees. Ericsson wanted an immersive audio and video experience to prove the capabilities of their Chief Innovation Office (CINO)‚ÄĒand we wanted to take our experience with virtual reality to a whole new level.

Creating a VR experience without VR glasses

‚ÄúBlack Box,‚ÄĚ as it came to be called, demonstrated Ericsson‚Äôs incredible network capabilities through a day in the life of a single family. Each family member‚Äôs devices were interconnected, so as they went about their activities, they remained in communication, seamlessly‚ÄĒdemonstrating Ericsson‚Äôs mantra of ‚Äútogether everywhere.‚ÄĚ To produce this story in an immersive environment we orchestrated a team of 174 people across six countries and worked with CINO‚Äôs top production talent, including Grammy, Emmy and Academy Award winners. Instead of encumbering the audience with VR headsets we designed a 9√ó12 feet miniature cinema, using a grid of displays with a combined native resolution of 9000√ó4000‚ÄĒgreater than even an IMAX film‚ÄĒthat was completely enclosed and soundproof.


A successful showcase

Black Box proved to be a wildly successful experience, inspiring long lines and, at times, a wait list of attendees eager to participate. With Ericsson we were able to bring something to life that at first seemed impossible‚ÄĒand we believe¬†that¬†is the future of virtual reality.

Visualized futuristic AR concept utilizing VR glasses in enterprise AI environment.
The consumer of the future, lead by database recommendations, transacting through blockchain.
Hands-on hardware and software concept production.
The Black Box event at MWC.


  • Directed by: Andreas Neumann
  • Cinematographer: Tom Ackerman
  • Producer: John Ramsay
  • Agency Producer: Reed Fehr
  • Art Director: Luis Munguia
  • Music: Bryan Lee Brown



Telecoms: Ericsson’s big black box full of AI goodness intrigues at MWC 2017

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