Engage at the Edge

Explore new ways to engage customers with prototypes and proofs of concept that leverage the latest customer-driven insights and emerging UX technologies.



Leverage emerging tech

Implement the latest in emerging technology to power experiences that people will love


Outpace the competition

Make latency a thing of the past with the best tools, processes and methodologies to boost your teams


Ship it

Get transformative products, services and experiences into your customers’ hands fast

Creative technology for memorable experiences

Existing models of customer engagement are undergoing tremendous disruption, triggered by a new generation of powerful connected devices. As these devices fulfill both more expansive and more specialized needs within consumers’ daily lives, brands must be ready to leverage and scale emerging technologies and innovative experiences in order to outpace their rivals. 

To do that, organizations must identify and implement the best tech stack for their business and product. Regardless of whether it’s aAndroidiOS or cross-platform product, creating engaging, memorable and innovative experiences at the technological edge requires creativity, design and the technological expertise to build and execute fullstack architecture. 

“Speed is now the main competitive advantage, and companies must seize every technical innovation that could improve the customer experience or reduce their latency.”
Jerome Coignard
Head of Technology, frog France

How we do it

We explore new territories by bringing together agile and cross-functional teams of creative strategists, designers and technologists to craft and create engaging, innovative digital experiences. With development capabilities spanning multiple stacks and expertise in the management and architecture of code assets, data collection points, user data activation and cloud systems, we design and deliver solutions tailored to meet the needs of specific users, businesses and teams. 

Our teams work to engage and align internal stakeholdersboosting the impact and speed of new products and experiences. We then guide the integration of teams into the new system in order to maintain velocity and secure the product handover. Once the foundation for the product’s scaling and success is established, we step back to support client teams as they take over engagement and delivery. 

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