General Electric

Supporting an Industrial Giant's Digital Transformation

“We don’t make money on engines or drills — we make money on the services.”
Aviation Executive, GE
frog worked with GE to plan, design and support their transformation into a digital company. Working with executive leadership, frog developed a vision for the software user experience and designed digital products for the core business, leading to a large-scale design system that increased the speed and efficiency of future design efforts.
Define the Vision
frog worked to align teams around a new vision, creating the UX Center of Excellence (UX CoE). The UXCoE set broad guidelines for GE’s software design and development process, significantly decreasing time to market while improving user experiences. Clear process models, business cases and a UX playbook set the stage for a digital transformation.
Demonstrate Results with Pilots
frog brought the vision to life with pilots, including an application for GE Aviation called myEngines. For GE Energy, frog redesigned the myFleet software, increasing operational efficiency at power plants. Pilots in other business units—from healthcare to transportation—built internal momentum for software and UX.
Design Gains Momentum
As different parts of the organization saw the impact of design, efforts expanded. frog helped GE establish the San Ramon Design Center and design the Industrial Internet Design Experience software system—an extensible UI toolkit and precursor to Predix—resulting in a 100% increase in productivity and $30 million in savings in the first year.
Extending the Value of Design
frog's collaborative design process brought GE together with their customer TransCanada to co-create a new product and secure an ongoing partnership. By leveraging co-creation practices, GE is able to dramatically increase speed to market for large scale industrial products.
GE approached frog to support digital transformation efforts, define an overarching UX vision, and create a series of pilot projects for various business units.
The San Ramon Design Center opened and the Industrial Internet Design System (IIDS) launched, allowing GE to align design efforts across the organization.
frog supported the build out of a new design system in Predix—which was inspired by IIDS—and leveraged a design collaboration approach to help GE co-collaborate with partners.
By establishing unified design standards and building a core foundation of tools, success metrics and governance models, GE has significantly reduced time to market and improved user experiences across all lines of business.
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