Diacor Plus

A Care-making Engine

Diacor is a Finnish provider of private healthcare and social services who recognizes that health-related issues rarely begin or end in a physician’s office. Because obtaining healthcare services is often a source of patient stress, Diacor wanted to create a comprehensive solution that alleviates worry and simplified processes. In 2015, we partnered with Diacor to bring this vision to life. We assembled our team on-site with Diacor so that we could work alongside their key stakeholders, customer service, medical personnel and engineering teams.

Together, we created the Diacor Plus app—a “care-making engine” that helps patients comprehensively manage their personal and family’s health—from appointment reminders to health records—while also providing personalized, human-to-human interaction. With the Diacor Plus app, patients can activate vaccination scheduling, prescription expiration alerts and even store medical cards for each family member. Additionally, patients can chat with doctors in urgent situations or get personalized recommendations based on their health data.

From having a doctor in your pocket to a personal treatment plan, the Diacor Plus app demonstrated to Diacor how to revolutionize both the patient experience and the patient/healthcare provider relationship.

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