Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Bringing Logistics into the Digital Realm

Hellmann takes recruiting into the future with a metaverse recruiting event

Moving the Metaverse

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics met with a challenge in attracting fresh IT talent. The usual routes like job fairs, social media, referrals, active search and hiring recruiting agencies have become less effective. Across tech, recruiting is rapidly moving from local to global talent pools, and these traditional tactics don’t scale to a global level.

In this race for the right talent, some organizations face a disadvantage. Logistics IT can falsely be seen as moving slowly, bogged down by legacy tech. Hellmann knew they had to be creative with their channel strategy to attract top talent.

Seeing the opportunity to compete with Big Tech brands and flashy startups, Hellmann wanted a metaverse-centered experience focused on recruitment.

Under the motto 'Hellmann Goes Metaverse,' this event enabled them to authentically show up and start the kind of conversations that lead to strong, enthusiastic employees ready to take on the challenge of the logistic supply chain.

To stand out, show their unique values and demonstrate their courage to reinvent themselves, Hellmann came to frog, part of Capgemini Invent, to launch talent recruitment into the metaverse. Said Hellmann's Chief Digital Officer Stefan Borggreve, "It showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and inspired our employees to unleash their true potential, driving innovation and collaboration forward."

The impact of our project has resonated beyond our wildest expectations, reaching 95,000+ people, connecting us with new talents and generating more than €54,000 in earned media.

Stefan Borggreve, Chief Digital Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Scenes from Hellmann's metaverse event. Avatars in Hellmann IT&D team clothing represented the company in the digital realm.

Scenes from Hellmann's metaverse event. Avatars in Hellmann IT&D team clothing represented the company in the digital realm.

Attendees explore different areas of a digital ship representing a logistics fleet. Chief Digital Officer Stefan Borggreve welcomes participants during a keynote.

  • Launching Recruiting into the Metaverse

    Project highlights

  • Challenge

    Rethinking Recruiting

    The challenge for Hellmann was to create a unique recruitment experience able to attract the right IT talent, communicate the company's corporate culture as being built on next-level tech and to position the brand as a future-ready organization. By leveraging the metaverse as the destination for this experience, Hellmann was able to showcase their ambitions and appeal to talent looking to work at the forefront of innovation for logistics.

  • Solution

    Building Blocks

    Hellmann’s recruiting event in the metaverse consisted of three parts: a clear storyline guiding people through the experience, a virtual world to explore and the ability to openly interact with Hellmann employees. Collaborating across strategy, storytelling, design and programming, our collaborative insights and ideas translated into models, interfaces, interactions, user flows and experiences in only eight weeks.

  • Outcome

    New Horizons

    Hellmann’s metaverse world saw some truly inspiring moments by guests, employees, competitors, partners and talent. It received massive amounts of earned media and press around the event. Hellmann has continued to build and practice internal use of metaverse environments for further collaborative tasks and events.

Next: More Metaverse Moments

Hellmann’s metaverse recruiting event was a project built to learn from. The results so far: employees inspired to experiment with new formats, custom-built virtual spaces to be utilized in future immersive interactions, applications from interested talent and an organization ready to explore their role in the metaverse.

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