Client Collaborative

Accelerate and scale your internal design capabilities with a dedicated, supervised frog studio to drive customer-centric innovation from within.



Proven experience

A proven track record of delivering projects with subject matter expertise and roadmapping capabilities


Design leadership

Leverage mentorship and strategic guidance to help your organization evolve from within


Drive impact

Achieve real transformation by improving both efficiency and quality with human-centered design

Empower creative, human-centered design for the future

In today’s business landscape, organizations must be ready to seize new opportunities, respond to competitive challenges and meet customer needs more quickly and creatively than ever before. Regardless of your industry, effective design and design operations are critical to these tasks. But scaling design activities, operations and capabilities to meet increased organizational demand while ensuring the quality and impact of design can be a monumental challenge.  

Whether an organization is starting from zero or looking to scale up existing design capabilities, frog’s client collaborative offering can provide rapid design support to address immediate needs while also helping to create systems, methods, processes, culture and tools to accelerate and scale internal design capabilities for ongoing innovation and success.  

“Collaborating with frog means ensuring the quality, cost efficiency and impact of your design activities will dramatically increase across your organization.”
Borja Baturone Blanc
VP of Innovation & Strategy, frog

Navigating new challenges

Across regions and industries, many organizations are facing the same challenges in today’s increasingly competitive landscape

  • Attracting and maintaining the best talent amid growing scarcity 
  • Scaling design while increasing its effectiveness, efficiency and impact 
  • Enabling human-centered transformation 
  • Managing and developing design talent  
  • Improving the structure and function of DesignOps 
  • Understanding how design fits into the existing organization 
  • Understanding how design can enable growth, transformation and innovation 

frog’s client collaborative offering can provide the experience, expertise and insight required for businesses to meet these challenges by activating, deploying and scaling design.  

How we do it
For over fifty years, frog has worked with partners to create winning products, services and experiences that push the boundaries of innovation and design. Our client collaborative offering puts our combined skills and experience at our clients’ disposal by embedding and integrating a frog studio into their organizations. Our client collaborative teams guide and coach designers and design leaders to ensure quality and consistency, support and execute design tasks across the product lifecycle, manage DesignOps to increase efficiency and impact, and ensure internal alignment on long-term strategy and implementation. Our client collaborative teams work to position partners for long-term success in three crucial areas.
We coach leaders in how to hire, maintain and develop the best-in-class talent they need to successfully execute design across their organizations.
Guidance and management
By sharing our experience and expertise in collaborative design tools and processes, DesignOps, agile methodologies and OrgDesign, we enable our partners to get the most out of their design capabilities.
We help organizations compete and win over the long term by bringing their design capabilities to the next level and enabling customer-focused transformation.

With our global footprint and regional hub-and-spoke studio structure, partnering with frog means you’re getting global perspective and coordination as well as adaptations, insights and supports tailored to your specific market geography. Our interdisciplinary and cross-functional client collaborative teams provide the strategic, technical and organizational support required to accelerate, scale and maintain design operations across your organization, building a culture of design and innovation that will help your business attract and acquire the top-tier talent it needs.

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